A - Feature film

Super 16mm | Experimental Drama

"A" follows Konrad, a young alcoholic ambient musician who locks himself in his one bedroom apartment on a dangerous seven day bender as he tries to finish his anticipated upcoming album. Over a week of intense drinking and alcohol fuelled dementia, he is visited by family, friends, and loved ones who all have varying views of his current mental health. Unable to grasp onto reality and lost in his disease, Konrad must navigate through the nightmare of his bender and stave off the pressures of those around him. 

Starring: Alex Zhang Hungtai (Lost Lizard, Dirty Beaches), Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy, Austra), Maica Armata Macky (Maicamia, Caro Diaro), Jonathan Boles (Maicamia), Alexandra Mackenzie (Petra Glynt), Bernardino Femminielli (Femminielli Noir, Dirty Beaches), Mitchell Stafiej (Mitchell Jón Stafiej, Fuckers),
Alexis O'Hara (10,000 Horses, GuiGi) & Chris Barry (The 222s)

Directed by: Mitchell Stafiej
Produced by: Daniel Dietzel & Mitchell Stafiej
Production Design by: Jeremy Sandor


The following are reference exposure tests captured on a Sony A7Rii.